Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twenty Things I Know

In the tradition of truisms, and inspired by another blogger who listed 25 interesting facts about herself (though I don't believe I could even think of that many things to say about myself, and they probably wouldn't be very interesting), here is a list of Twenty Things I Know.

Of course, I may know many more things than this. Still, the more I learn, the more I realize what I don't know, but goes (it is probably obvious that I couldn't think of anything else to post this week):

1. A teacher's work is never done. Never, not ever. Summers "off" are really not that at all--they are just extended visits to the study carrels at the university library, with lots of panic and weeklong workshops in hot stuffy rooms thrown in for good measure. Plus, you generally don't get paid for all this extra work and time, so it's heavy-duty volunteerism (though yes, without a drive to the office and you can wear sandals).

2. Every living creature needs to run around in the fresh air every day, if possible...

3. The biggest source of humor in life is reflecting on how stupid we are...

4. Eating active yogurt and using vitamin C (topically and taking supplements) make you look younger.

5. The best things in life are free.

6. The closed adoption system is inhumane for everyone except the adoptive parents...

7. Anything is possible. It might take years of work, but whatever it is you think you probably can't do, you actually can, if you are just persistent.

8. It is highly unlikely that you can leave Target without spending at least $100.

9. What you don't like about someone else is really what you don't like about yourself.

10. Everyone needs an editor.

11. You must stand up for yourself whenever necessary.

12. If you tell an incredibly obnoxious person how obnoxious he is, he will completely freak out on you. The truer the statement, the bigger the freakout--it's practically mathematical. Conversely, if you use certain words to describe the obnoxious behavior of a generally non-obnoxious person, he will take it in stride. The point is: those who most often dish it out are not, in my experience, able to also take it.
13. Succeeding too early just means you have to work much harder later on to impress people.

14. The Law of Karma works.

15. Writing down what you want means you will eventually get it...although I've noticed it sometimes takes a year or two to materialize.

16. Some psychics are absolutely for real, and some astrology is frighteningly spot-on.

17. We tend to hold on to whatever it was we learned when we were little and then completely forget some of these ideals as we grow older.

18. If you can work for yourself, do (but expect to work all the time).

19. You must live what you preach; you just have to be it.

20. You learn more every day.

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