Monday, August 24, 2009

Readers, Who Are You? I Want to Know!

My dearest Readers,

From time to time, because it suits my tendency toward procrastination, and either assuages my curiosity or makes me feel like a loser (both oddly satisfying feelings), I check my Google analytics to see how many people are reading this blog, and where they are.

I was stunned, several months back, to find that I have Scandinavian readers (from every nation in that region)--consistent ones, regulars. Because I am part Danish, I found this especially exciting.

I also have British readers in London (I love London) and a Scot or two in Glasgow.

There was a person in South America who apparently spent quite a chunk of time digesting my blog. So, too, in Moscow. This sort of boggles my mind.

Maybe Sarah Palin was checking me out up in Alaska. Someone in Alaska was (and in Hawaii).

I have some readers in New Zealand--one of whom I think I know...thanks, Zara!

And I think I've scored readers from practically every state in the U.S., at this point. Some may be former students of mine. Some obviously just stumbled across my blog. It was probably the broken ankle photos. Those get a lot of play.

But I thank each and every one of you readers, and I encourage you--if you're so inclined--to
e-mail me and let me know how you found PRETTY FREAKY. I hope your searches were noble...

Please, tell me what you are thinking, and who you are. You can reach me best at

I am always curious, and I do want to know you. I will also write back to you if you write to me.

I encourage you to "follow" me publicly, because I feel sort of dumb with my three announced blog followers--even though I know there are many more readers. Go ahead, follow PRETTY FREAKY. Leave your mark here. I truly appreciate the support.

You can follow me on Twitter, too @ecollins8.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,



  1. Please, Elizabeth, Puh-leaze find a more readable format! Your stuff is great -- I roared at the Seamus/Lit Agency piece -- but it was HARD WORK reading it. Cut the lines in half, pump up the font size, or something. (I'm not trying to get you to read my blog -- really! :-) -- but look at it for layout.)

  2. Hi Jack. I am constantly fiddling with the layout, colors, font, etc., but I am very limited by the templates on this service. I just changed to "stretch"--perhaps that will help. I can't change font size--sorry. Let me know where your blog is and I will link to it. Best, EC