Saturday, November 21, 2009

Take One For the Team

I am a big believer in taking one for the team.

We all have teams.

There are teams of people who agree with us politically, teams of people who graduated in the same class, teams of vegetarians. Whatever.

If something happens that you aren't quite sure you're okay with--no matter what it is, from needing to eat a Crab Rangoon (which you find unhealthful because it is fried and fatty) so as not to be rude to your mother-in-law, or voting for a bill or a candidate you are not 100% in line with, but to vote against it would mean that the "bad side" wins-- YOU DO IT ANYWAY so as not to be a Ruiner of the Moment. 

In other words: you take one for the team.

With everyone seemingly out to protect their own interests, I think it is more important than ever to protect common, wider, goals.  After all, we're always taught, "It's not all about you,"--aren't we? 

It's not about you most of the time. It's about humanity, or at least a whole bunch more people than you.

So, whether the goal is to get your academic department more respect in your school, or if it is to pass a national healthcare reform bill that could save people money and save people's lives, then YOU DO IT, no matter if there are a few niggling details that don't sit perfectly well with you.

Think what could be lost if you stand in the way of progress--even if "progress" just means the flow of polite conversation at an awkward holiday dinner table.

Don't be an obstructionist. Don't tolerate obstructionism in others.  (I am speaking specifically to you, the three Democrats Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but who have been threatening not to vote for healthcare reform in the Senate...why, I have no idea.)

People don't really remember how positive change got underway, but they certainly remember who was being a pill about it, who kept throwing grenades into the middle of what otherwise might have been productive discussions.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches (my least favorite holiday, for reasons I won't get into, but suffice it to say that I am generally thankful, so that's not it), I will remember to grin and bear it. 

I will smile and pour wine and cook for hours upon hours, even though people will decimate my dinner table in approximately 20 minutes.

I will take one for the team.


  1. Timely, whoa. I am just reading this now, but you have a startling ability to anticipate what precisely is going to happen.