Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Was So Happy to Get an H1N1 Shot Today!

There was a free H1N1 flu shot clinic today in my town (for schoolkids), so I took my girls.

The screaming that came from the backseat when I mentioned where we were going...well, I felt bad about it, but if it had been captured on film, you would be laughing.

Eventually (after 40 minutes of screaming, crying, threats, "You suck!"--charming, huh?--and kicking of my car seat), we went inside and got the flu shots.

Yes, I had to bribe them. But I am really terrified about my children contracting a virulent form of swine flu.

The nurses at the clinic were incredibly kind, and my little one, my brave child, sat right down and rolled up her sleeve. She cried a little, but it was over in a second, and then my eldest child (destined to be an actress) started swooning and shrieking.

They got the needle in anyway. I was impressed.

Again, it was over in just a second. One second.

Even I got an H1N1 shot--and I was thrilled. Seriously.

I just casually mentioned, on our way out, that I wished I could get an H1N1 vaccine (after telling my girls I was proud of them, sort of, and happy they'd gotten vaccinated).

So far this year, I had not been able to get a swine flu shot as I fall into the non-priority group. But now there is plenty of vaccine. There is so much vaccine the government is literally giving it away.

I was pulled back into the room and offered a shot, which I happily took. And no, it didn't hurt at all.

Take advantage of H1N1 vaccines, if you can. Bring your kids to get vaccinated, too.

I realize that the obligatory Mickey D's run after shots sort of defeats the healthy purpose that parents intended, but do what you have to do.

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