Friday, March 26, 2010

Now We're Cleaning Up Reagan's Mess--Dismantling the Nukes

Today in the news

If you didn't click above, the bottom line is that President Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia signed a treaty today to drastically reduce their nations' nuclear arsenals.  

Well, finally.

How did we get so many nuclear warheads in the first place? Seems Ronald Reagan had (as some people have shoe problems, as some are hoarders) a nuclear arsenal issue. He spent ridiculous amounts of money building up the American arsenal to deter a Commie attack.


Never mind that we couldn't ever even USE all those weapons--or that it would have been utterly unethical to use even one. Under Reagan, massive deficits built up, along with our stockpiles of nukes. 

I realize that many people still revere Reagan, but in my opinion--however avuncular and charming he seemed--the man was a one-trick, anti-Communist pony. Also, he was clearly not a humanitarian (recall his statement that "Ketchup is a vegetable" and thus fits the bill for healthy school lunches) and do I even have to mention how he had been convinced beyond reason (back in the mid-1960s) that Medicare would lead to Communism and the "death of America"? 

Wrong, Mr. Reagan. Absolutely wrong.

Anyway--many parallels could be drawn between Reagan's past rantings against the proposed Medicare bill and today's brouhaha over healthcare (HCR). If we learned anything, maybe we should learn that inflammatory rhetoric is sometimes made up only of angry, misguided words.

We're still cleaning up Reagan's mess when it comes to nukes, so while he comes back to mind, let's not forget that if we remember our history we can avoid repeating it.

The anti-Communist obsession for which Reagan was famous is something else we can talk about. How many videos have I seen where someone is holding a misspelled placard and shouting angrily, "Obama is a Communist!"

Seriously?? Which is more absurd: the Communist label, or the accusations that he is a Muslim? Just thinking about that is upsetting. To know that there are people that misguided and ignorant and they can vote... Ugh. I need a bucket.

Originally, I wrote a long post connecting nuclear weapons and the threat of nuclear war with Reagan, Einstein, ethics, and research on Gifted and Talented children...but those words got lost.

So this is simpler. And now I need to take a rest.

Read up on the breaking news, though. Read everything. Knowledge is power, after all (and I hate nuclear weapons).

Today's nuclear reduction treaty was a Good Thing.

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  1. Timely, timely! No one thinks much about where the nukes came from. Thanks for this.

  2. i find that people don't like to speak ill of Reagan. But I'm not scared to. I have pretty high standards for statesmen and stateswomen, and as a kid, I used to panic almost nightly that the world would explode under Reagan's watch.

    Thanks for writing!