Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Female Role Model: Marcy Kaptur, Ohio Rep

Last night, my husband and I were watching Michael Moore's latest documentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story."

I realize we're late in watching it; lately, I have little time for viewing of the tube. We always try to eventually see Moore's work, however. I've loved his depressing-yet-witty style ever since "Roger and Me," way back in 1989.

I think Moore is a role model--in terms of how he has always tried to shed light on injustice and make the world (or America) a better place.

He is also a good example of someone who does work that he enjoys--the people's journalism--while also expanding social awareness and making a good living.

This documentary was more depressing than most. Watching people's houses get foreclosed, families living in the back of trucks, and everywhere Moore's camera went, more fleecing of the middle-class (and lower-middle class) by the big banking corporations and the richest one percent.

Watching this documentary, although I too get very nervous about money and how bad things could get at any minute, I was proud of myself for never succumbing to "finding a man from the Market" as seemed to be the direction certain people wanted to push me.

I've had two personal rules since college: no dating frat boys; no financier boyfriends.

I have always been wary of both.

"Capitalism: a Love Story" told me much that I already knew or suspected, but it also opened my eyes to another (female) hero among us:

Marcy Kaptur, Democrat, and Congressional representative from Ohio.

Kaptur had quite a bit of face time in "Capitalism." And she wasn't the butt of a joke; she made sense; she spoke out; and she is trying to help Americans.

I won't quote her directly, but I will paraphrase: Kaptur spoke out about big money corrupting and misleading Congress at the expense of the average American. She is a woman who is paying attention and who isn't afraid to speak her mind...because she cares and wants to use her job to make a difference.

That's a good woman, right there. A woman who is working tirelessly to expose injustice, to help pass laws that make life better and easier for the middle class.

I can absolutely respect the work she is doing, and I think more people should know about that work.

So here goes: my little Marcy Kaptur promotion. Google her; find out more for yourself. Watch Moore's "Capitalism" and see her in celluloid action.

Her official web site is here:

Let me know if you know of any other women I should blog about. I am always interested in promoting female role models. I don't think there are enough of them--or, at least, enough that we see everyday.

What makes a woman impressive, in my book? Women who aren't afraid to speak up; women who are fighting the good fight for other people--those women deserve to be lauded, admired, emulated.

Thank you, Marcy Kaptur.


  1. Agreed. Kaptur is a smart, strong woman who speakss well and has good ideas.

  2. I know--I was initially for the bailout because we were all spooked and badgered into it. but Kaptur made some amazing points about the suspicious timing of the economic meltdown (right before the Pres election; glad it didn't negatively affect it) and Wall Street involvement. Very scary.

  3. ms kaptur just signed off on a loyal contributor and local business owner setting up a nonprofit organization that can now submit earmark requests because the for-profig business is no longer able to. basically, she just signed off on a money laundering scheme. sad to say, she's becoming corrupt.

  4. Let me look into that...sounds like normal, political pork (which bothers me, yes, but they have to bring home the money/projects to their home areas or they won't stay in a job).

    Why the Anonymous?