Friday, August 20, 2010

Academic Success is Only a Few Tutoring Sessions Away...

I normally do not use my blog to advertise anything, but I have a platform and I should use it to sell my abilities. Here's what I am doing now (well, this and writing my books and, probably, applying to medical school).  Please spread the word that I am open for business, and thanks so much for your support!

Total Tutoring for Academic Success!

Experienced, acclaimed English teacher and professional writer
will help your child succeed in school.

One-on-one private tutoring is a wonderful investment in your child’s future!

I specialize in reading comprehension, vocabulary, verbal test prep
(SSAT; PSAT; SAT and ACT), and essay writing (academic essays; SAT essays; 
college application essays), but I can also help students develop more effective study skills in many other subjects, including Biology and Social Studies.

I can help your child learn to love reading, remember what s/he read,
find the answers within texts, and learn to write more fluidly and persuasively.

With eight years’ teaching experience at both the high school and college level, I hold my M.F.A. in English/Writing from the University of Iowa, and my B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.

I have helped hundreds of students boost their exam scores and get into the colleges of their choice.

I teach strategy, but also real-life thinking skills, and I have written 
verbal questions and essays for the ACT and designed and taught several AP-level courses.

Afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available—
local meetings in libraries, homes, or even long distance (online/phone).

Please contact me to discuss how I can help your child earn better grades and higher exam scores.
College application essays are my forte; there is no one better 
or more qualified (I am an award-winning essayist myself) to help your student
take his or her essay to a higher level that really gets noticed!
Reasonable rates; 
special college application instruction/editing packages available.

E-mail Elizabeth Collins:


  1. You're a truly amazing teacher!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. I can personally attest that Elizabeth has helped my daughter immensely, taking her from below grade level reading to tackling books I never imagined she would choose to read. Elizabeth's tutoring has been a lifesaver, and I think that now my daughter really has a chance to do well in high school. She fell through the cracks before, but the personalized attention saved us. Elizabeth also got on so well with my teenager, and she really enjoyed the tutoring sessions.

    Thank you, Elizabeth!

  3. Thanks @Springfield Mom and my Anonymous student (no need to be Anonymous, you know).

    I appreciate your kind words.



  4. After soft money ran dry for my research, and then finding that it was more trouble than it was worth to teach botany courses in a university environment, I took on tutoring 15 years ago. I now do college level biology, chemistry, and related fields at all levels. I won't say I've never looked back, but I will say I've had more fun in the last 15 years, and felt more rewarded, than I did in the previous 15.

    Watch out for your retirement and health care, though. It sux to be free lance, but it's doable.

  5. Hi Wayne,

    You're right; tutoring is fun (and not draining as teaching an entire class can be, even though that can be fun, too). I also like working for myself. The tutoring has kept me pretty busy this summer, but I am hoping to be even busier this fall.

    I think you are tutoring in a great area; I am sure there is much demand for that, especially the chem courses (I see lots of notes from people requesting that).

    Thanks for writing!