Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arguing Toward Beauty--Better Than I Could Have Said Myself

Dear Readers:

I am writing like crazy lately and trying to finish my memoir (currently, I'm on p. 245), so I haven't wanted to take the time to write a new blog post. (It's also hard because I don't want to post too much stuff that I am going to use in my book.)

So, just because I like the blog article below, and just because I noticed it, again, the other day when I was checking hits for "Pretty Freaky," I thought it couldn't hurt to post a link to writer Beth Kephart's kind and relevant words:

It's a timely discussion about the current state of publishing, really, and a semi-philosophical argument about literature. Read and enjoy (I have a comment there, too).



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  1. If it wasn't obvious from the posted link, I highly recommend checking out (as in buying and reading) Beth Kephart's latest novel, "Dangerous Neighbors."

    I believe that Beth is a local (as in suburban Philadelphia) author, and we are very lucky to have her in our midst! Her blog, "Beth Kephart Books," is a consistently good read, too, with arresting visual images that I believe she shoots herself.