Monday, December 13, 2010

Is There Anything Better Than a Fresh Book?

Fresh is brand new, shiny, clean, and enticing. Fresh is something you haven't had before. Fresh is, well, refreshing.

If you're looking for a fresh new read, may I suggest SUBVERSIA by D.R. Haney? This innovative essay collection is fresh off the presses as the very first (see, I told you it was fresh!) book published by the TNB imprint.

I love all things TNB (that's The Nervous Breakdown, a very interesting literary web site to which I occasionally post essays--see, and I love the work of D.R. (Duke) Haney, a fascinating writer who is very popular (far more so than I) as an essayist on TNB.

See here for book trailer:

See here to order:

To be honest, SUBVERSIA (conveniently, also his Twitter handle) is Mr. Haney's second book; for the first, see the excellent novel BANNED FOR LIFE, published by And/Or Press. 

Duke still needs a publicity push--who doesn't?--and he truly deserves to be read and appreciated. I hope that if anyone out there is looking to encourage an older teenager, a young adult, or a middle-aged adult to read something grabby, off-center and totally new, you will check out SUBVERSIA and BANNED FOR LIFE and order these books (I am especially pushing SUBVERSIA right now because of its newness and because--as a writer who is primarily an essayist, although I also write fiction--I love the content and I know how good Duke's essays are).

Most writers, even published writers, are struggling, and all artists need our support. Let's make this a merry Christmas for writers and get out there and buy some books, dammit!

One of the things that I think is coolest about D.R. Haney is that he is, as he once told me, an "autodidact." That means he is self-taught. He taught himself--and very impressively, too--all about literature and writing, among other subjects.

You see, he is in L.A. and was working hard in showbiz as an actor, screenwriter, etc. He read all the time; he studied all sorts of subjects, and I daresay he is far more educated than many of the people I know who've graduated from college and grad school. Duke is a wonderful personal example of someone who is self-motivated to always learn and grow, and I love that.

I want to spread the word now about his wonderful writing. When something is really good, it has to be shared. When a writer is very promising and already accomplished, he or she must be duly rewarded.

Remember: if you're looking for a great read for yourself or a friend or family member, order the brand-spanking-new SUBVERSIA and don't forget BANNED FOR LIFE, either (it's a read that will suck you in and not let you go for two days).

Highly recommended (and I don't say that lightly).

Happy reading and happy holidays,



  1. Let me add that if you bought either BANNED FOR LIFE (the first book) or SUBVERSIA (the new collection), don't forget to add a review on Amazon. All writers need thoughtful reviews to help push their books.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Autodidact is way too big of a word for me! But I love you and the Dukester!

  3. Duke used the word...I could dissect it, but honestly, before Duke, I never heard anyone describe themselves that way. In itself, impressive!

    Thanks for writing in, Nick. Hope you're well.



  4. A very sweet call-out for a very good writer. One of the things that shines through in Duke's work is his intelligence. It shows in the details he chooses to share and in his writing craft. Subversia's a well done book that deserves a billion more posts like this....

  5. You're all killing me here, but in the best of ways. Thanks to everyone for all the nice things said, and thanks especially to Liz for posting this entry in the first place.