Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why Poetry Matters More Than Ever: Take a Listen

Much has been made, lately, of the need for civil, sophisticated, thoughtful discourse. It was my personal mission to promote the use of such words last year, when I was teaching.  Moving away from hostile, partisan rhetoric has been in the news everywhere this past week (and even before that, though many people were probably not paying much attention), as important for life in our very society.

Poetry is the epitome of the right kind of civilized discourse: it is thought-provoking, lovely, apt, and sophisticated.

I have blogged a couple of times on teaching poetry and--this surprises me, really--those blog posts are among my most popular. 

Either students are Googling for help in doing a literature assignment, or teachers who never got much poetry in school themselves (it certainly happens; one thing that bothers me about poetry is the fact that there are 10 or so poems that people seem to get in classes, and that is it, and of course they don't read poetry beyond that) are seeking guidance. I am glad to help; I hope my postings on poetry have proven useful.

The point, though, is this: poetry is not hard to understand; poetry can enrich our lives; and poetry is worth reading and hearing.

Click the link below. It will take you to (thanks to my reader and commenter, Dornier Pfeil) an American Public Radio podcast of a wonderful show about "Words That Shimmer."

It's fascinating, euphonic stuff, and well worth your time if you want to learn more about poetry, simply renew your faith in the world or only decompress.


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