Monday, February 7, 2011

Making Connections (Finding Personal Success, Redux)

A social media friend of mine, the Intrepid Teacher (Jabiz Raisdana, in Indonesia right now), just posted about Brene Brown (social worker/researcher) and her now famous TED talk, and he made a very cool "mash-up" that you really ought to listen to. 

Get inspired by the ideas in here and also by the sheer creativity of Jabiz's personal projects.

See the blog posting here and scroll through to get to the TED talk, and to Jabiz' mashup. Some interesting reader comments are worth a look, as well.

Start a dialogue with yourself or--better yet--with others about the concepts and questions included here.


  1. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. I hope your readers stop by and join the conversation.

  2. I hope so, too--readers, voyeurs, viewers: please leave your ideas and comments on Jabiz's blog (see tinyurl link in blog post). There's an interesting dialogue happening there.