Sunday, March 6, 2011

Insights, Indeed: Karen Heller Is A True Heroine Today

Today, I was so happy to read Karen Heller's piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Quietly or loudly, governors make bad moves," in which she deftly skewers Chris Christie of NJ and Tom Corbett of PA for twisting the issues and riling up misguided hatred of precisely the wrong sides and people.

As Heller writes, Chris Christie has been busy "...pursuing the nastiest, vilest, most overcompensated form of humanity. Bankers?  Mobsters?  No, teachers...How Christie managed to gain traction attacking the very talent that draws so many residents to the state remains dumbfounding."

Christie apparently loves to talk loudly and is in everyone's face and all over the news all the time.

New PA Governor Tom Corbett, however, says nothing. He is a cipher (and, as Heller points out, reminds one of the North Korean regime in some ways).

That doesn't mean that Corbett isn't wreaking his own quieter havoc. We can be sure the bad news will eventually come out--indeed, AdultBasic health care just died on his watch. Why? As Heller explained, "It cost the state a pittance to run."

No, instead of AdultBasic, low income Pennsylvanians who aren't poor enough for Medicaid and not old enough for Medicare can now pay four times as much for worse care. That makes perfect financial sense! (yes, I am being sarcastic.) 

Fiscally, ethically--cutting AdultBasic in favor of privately run cheap-but-still-expensive plans is precisely the wrong decision. "Poor health is something we all pay for," Heller writes, "just as poor schools become an untenable cost because they create an unprepared, underemployed, and uninsured workforce."

Thank you, Karen Heller, for pointing out that Christie and Corbett are demonstrating a lack of compassion and humanity, all in the name of budget cutting, and that "attacking teachers [and] allowing basic, inexpensive health coverage to expire is beyond troubling."

I hope to read more of your wise words. In the meantime, tune out the loud complaints of the critics on the comment boards. You're probably used to it by now, although it is truly disheartening to realize how wrong so many people are, how they just don't understand why helping each other helps us all.


  1. Amen, sistah. This was a great article. Thanks!

  2. Thanks. We will see on Tuesday just how bad the damage is from Corbett....