Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Excellent Speech, Right Here (David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College)


Please read the wonderful commencement speech penned and spoken by David Foster Wallace, an amazingly talented writer who committed suicide. 

Note the big ideas he discusses. Note the idea of "worship" and moving beyond self-centeredness. 

This is a very Yoga-ish (and Zen-like) "be in the moment!" speech. It is well worth your time to read it, to remember DFW, and to think about what we have or have not achieved since graduation, despite the hope we might have felt on that day. 

What have you forgotten now that you thought you knew then? What have you learned? 

If you haven't kept on learning, then college was--I fear--a waste of time for you. 

College is not just four years. Education should never have a stopping point.


  1. He's really onto something--and so are you. Important concept for all of us all the time, life-long learning, on many levels--not just in terms of education, but in our relationships, in the ways we listen, give and take, and share.

    Thank you. I knew I was going to appreciate this post. Peace and continued good things you, my friend.


  2. Thanks, Diane. It's a fascinating speech, I think, about how we can change our responses by being less self-centered and considering the bigger picture.

    Thanks for reading!



  3. Thanks a lot for the link! I found the speech absolutely amazing.

    How are things with you? Hope all is well.

  4. Well, thanks for also sharing it on Twitter. I think people would approach life much differently if they really read/listened to what DFW was saying.

    I am working on getting the memoir out, but otherwise am sitting here planning the next project while the sweat rolls down my back (call me a princess, but I hate that feeling).