Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting Back on the Horse (Reporting, That Is)

Here's my long-awaited (by me, I mean) feature article on popular author Jonathan Evison, who wrote the big new book West of Here (2011, Algonquin Books) and the lovely coming-of-age novel All About Lulu (Softskull, 2008).

I am sure I drove JE nuts with my endless questions (and then, of course, I used about 5% of the answers he so graciously gave me). I called and e-mailed everyone who knows him, it seems. I spent what felt like a long time writing this article. I did this because, as I began to research and report the facts, I saw that Evison has important lessons for other authors and wannabe writers; he shows, by his own impressive example, how to develop meaningful and genuine relationships with people who can help you to sell your work.

After all that, this is the end result. I am very happy right now to be featured on the acclaimed literary review and publishing website Bookslut (which, despite its irreverent title, is a big deal in the book world). I am also happy to write about Evison, such a nice guy and clearly, a very talented writer.

I urge reads of Bookslut, of Johnny's novels, and this article in particular, because I like getting the work.

Happy reading, EC


  1. Recommended ReadsMay 3, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    Excellent article on Bookslut! You are damn fine reporter.

  2. Thanks very much. It's easy to write a good story, though, when your sources are so forthcoming.