Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Yoga Will Not Fix Your Broken Life: From Elephant Journal

I like this article on yoga from Julie Peters, so I will quote liberally and urge reads (see link below). 

This piece is good because it's not just about the athletic and stress-relieving contortions of yoga (although I like those, too). It's about the real yoga, the off-the-mat lessons about life that we can learn as we sit there all twisted up in knots. 

We knot ourselves up in yoga in order to release the's meditation in motion, and it's not always easy, but worthwhile things seldom are. 

Happy Reading!

"Regardless of what people may try to sell you, yoga is not the solution to the problems in your life. It doesn’t make you any less vulnerable, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t fail, it doesn’t make you stop feeling pain, even (especially) if you succeed at that common yogic directive to “open your heart!” If anything, you become more sensitive when you practice yoga.

Photo: lululemon athetica
That well-known Buddhist precept of detachment doesn’t mean not having feelings. It means letting go of the fruits of your labour, of what you have no control over..."


  1. Interesting article, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Maybe yoga will only clean up your mind so that you can forget your problems for the meantime. Yoga Articles