Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Lobster Stories: Always Favorites

Jennifer Vargas holds up a freakishly large lobster that was saved from the kitchen. (Wildlife Conservation Society).

I love stories about animals being saved from slaughter. Speaking of this, I once saw a huge lobster when I was a reporter...and I wrote a story about it. 

It, too, was saved--and it weighed in at a slightly larger 20 lbs (and looked pretty much the same as this one). I mention that not for the sake of one-upmanship, but only to emphasize that Big Lobster Stories are perpetual favorites and never cease to amaze.

Just think of how much garbage such a large creature has eaten during its lifetime...that makes lobster just a bit less appetizing, hmm?

Good luck, lobster. After 75 years of avoiding traps and nets, you deserve a break.


  1. And just think, before industrial ocean farming, ALL adult lobsters were at least that large and larger.

  2. Really? Hmm. It seems surprising that they became food...I mean, they're a little scary looking. I have never recovered from a trip to St. John's (Canada) where my parents literally stopped at every lobster shack from Maine to Nova Scotia and one chef (a woman) happily told us that lobsters scream when you boil them. I didn't eat lobster then--couldn't deal with it and still don't really care for dissecting my food--and very rarely have it now. My youngest, though, loves lobster. She insisted on lobster the other night, but it was so tiny! Digression: I once got her a tropical lobster at the local fish store (I guess it's all they had in the dead of winter) and she would not eat it because its exotic shell unnerved her.