Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't Photograph Michele Bachmann in Casuals, But DO Snap Her Eating a Corn Dog

I am not a Michele Bachmann fan. I'll just put that out there (the astute reader could surely infer as much). This has nothing to do with her gender, which I share, but instead has everything to do with her ideology. I could not disagree more with Michele Bachmann...on just about any issue. I don't want to get wonky, now, though. I want to focus on the subject of image.

As someone who knows PR, I had been impressed with Bachmann's carefully coiffed domination of the media and her meticulously manicured appearance (although I thought the recent Newsweek cover shot was pretty funny. Yes, it was a bad photo of The Candidate, but then again, as the saying goes, "The eyes have it," and her eyes--more than most people's--are saying "crazy," so it works).

Speaking of Newsweek, the article that just ran this past week (about Bachmann) mentioned her handlers' decree to the journalists who follow her: "Do not photograph Michele Bachmann in casual clothes." Like, ever.

They agreed, and never shot Bachmann in the cargo pants she wore on her plane.

Bachmann and her campaign have this rule for the media..and yet...and yet...Michelle Bachmann enthusiastically posed for a phalanx of photogs chomping a foot-long corn dog.

It looked disgusting--and not just because of the sleazy sexual innuendo (which, to be fair, she may not even understand). 

Take a look. I'd post the photo, too, but it's really grotesque. (Well, you could have taken a look earlier, but now it seems the infamous corn dog photo has disappeared. Hmmm. Anyway, it came from this site:)

Bad, huh? 

It's so bad that I actually feel pity for Bachmann. This pity will not keep me from discussing the photo, however, because there is an important lesson for humanity here.

The lesson is this: Don't be stupid.

This corn dog photo wasn't a "gotcha" shot. There is proof that Bachmann did this on purpose. The whole eating-a-corn-dog-in-Iowa scene was a photo op. She wanted it documented--I suppose because her people think it makes her look fun and non-elitist.  (Hint: Michele, get new people. Either they know nothing, or they wanted to make you look bad.)

Here's the same scene from the side: - does it look like she didn't know she might be photographed eating a corn dog?  (comment on DT article)

Bachmann happily bit into a very long corn dog, in front of dozens of paparazzi and international media. And yet I recently handed back the chocolate-covered banana I considered buying at the pool snack bar because I was paranoid, once I saw it, that it might look untoward to put that in my mouth in public. (You know, smartphones are everywhere; everything ends up online--even if no one knows who I am. I still am not going to go there.) It's called having sense.

So, think about what these pictures of Bachmann tell you. Consider the questions they are begging--namely, "Is this the person you want leading the United States? Does she look dignified? Does she show good judgment?" 

It looks nearly as bad when her husband, Marcus, takes a bite. At least he was smart enough not to open wide.

The rule for Bachmann apparently is: no shots of casual ensembles, but YES for the foot-long-corn-dog-eating photos.

Hmmm. Something's amiss...I think it's Bachmann's judgment.


  1. Elizabeth, I have not laughed so hard in months. Months, I tell you. Priceless! Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks! It's both funny and sad at the same time. But mostly, I like it because I do NOT want to see Bachmann as president. God save us from the queen.

  3. What the people who are mad about how Bachmann looked on Newsweek or in the now-infamous foot-long photo don't get is that SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF. Those are official photos. She posed for them. She asked for it. Like they wouldn't be all over a Democrat who looked the same? They are hypocrites and whiner babies. Good on you for keeping it real. I like your lesson, too. "Don't be stupid." That's all we need to know.

  4. Yes--thank you. On the one hand, sure, people should feel free to eat what they want, where they want. But on the other hand, some things are too awkward to eat in public, or to eat if/when you know people are going to take your picture.

    It's not that hard to live sensibly. The lack of judgment Bachmann showed here probably--oh, I'm sure it does!--affects the rest of her thinking, too.



  5. There is no way to eat a corn dog and maintain one's dignity. Corn dog: 5 pts. Dignity: 0.

  6. Agreed. Political candidates need to preserve their dignity. Very basic PR.