Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Matt Damon Decries "MBA-Style Education Policy"

Among several reasons (none having to do with his appearance--seriously--not that there is anything wrong with the way he looks) why I  like Matt Damon is that he is unafraid to enter the fray and tell people when and how they are being stupid.

Check out this clip of Damon being interviewed. It was filmed by the vomitrociously-named "Reason TV" at last weekend's "Save Our Schools" march in D.C., and is being covered again by Yahoo.

I love the look of disbelief Damon gives the Libertarian "journalist" who challenges why teachers should get tenure.  Even better, I like his responses. Why do teachers put up with the "shitty pay" and long, long hours? Because it's their calling. 

Does that mean everyone should put up with those conditions? Um, no. 

And yet, teachers put up with that and so much more, and keep having to defend their profession against loudmouths who know nothing about what it's really like to teach.

The only way to stop the mindless blather of people with loud opinions who have no basis in fact for those opinions is to speak up and speak over them. I wish more people spoke the truth, as Damon does here, in defense of teachers (like his mom).

Here's the SAME CLIP, just interspersed with more interesting commentary by Anderson Cooper, getting all funny in his "Ridiculist."


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