Monday, August 22, 2011

What the Koch Brothers are Doing to Kill Public Ed

Some days, I am just so inspired by other people taking the initiative to tell the truth, to get the word out, and to embolden others to resist the tyranny that oftentimes surrounds us.

See this great blog:

Specifically, click on the August 15, 2011 posting, which is a YouTube video about what the Koch Brothers are trying to do--via the "Americans for Prosperity" organization they fund--to public schools in Raleigh.

You next job? Resist. Signal your alarm and your displeasure. The Kochs aren't running for anything, but they do control many politicians and even school board members. They are "Libertarian" (I don't agree with Libertarianism, for the most part, but some members of this party seem relatively innocuous...definitely not the Kochs, however).

However you are inclined to vote, first always follow the money trail and dig for the true agenda.

Ask: what are these people doing with their power? Are they trying to change the world for good...or for the sake of their own money-making? Will this agenda help me, or hurt me and others?

Billionaires don't need more money and power. But people everywhere do need a strong, equitable, fully-funded system for public education. That is, in fact, a cornerstone of our democracy.

Don't let any people, no matter how rich and scary they are, try to bully their way into controlling education for the masses.


  1. Elizabeth, Bill Gates may not appear to be as scary as Koch bros. but he has been controlling public education policy for some time now. The teacher accountability movement, tying teacher performance to standardized test scores, developing national standards (common core curriculum), funding charter schools, all Bill Gates ideas and adopted by Obama administration. He's spent millions on experimental market based reform programs, and gives $$ to schools, mostly in high poverty districts, that implement his half baked ideas. Our district partners with the Gates Foundation. Pearson, the book publishing co. has partnered with Gates to write common core national standards. It's not right that he has so much control over curriculum (he's not an educator and sends his kids to private school) just because of his "philanthropy." The corporatists are indoctrinating our kids!!

  2. Good point. What is Gates' agenda? I wonder if he's just making the public school systems so difficult for teachers that they quit...and his beloved charters get all the money. What is a charter school anyway--really? Private school dressed in public school clothes.

  3. They want to dismantle public education. It starts by denying (good) education to minorities and the poor. Then, teachers won't want to teach in the "bad" school with the poor kids. Pretty soon, the best option will be private school. Everything run privately is the goal of the Kochs and other GOP funders/restricters of education. Before you know it, no one will know anything and keeping 'em stupid is just the way they want it. The dumber people are, the more oblivious they will be to how they're being screwed over by the billionaires. It's all so masterfully evil you almost have to be impressed.

  4. Seems like privatization is the goal of the Obama administration, so its' not just GOP. Just look at Race to the Top. It's even worse than Bush's NCLB. Test and punish, labeling schools as winners and losers, incentives, bonuses, standardization, scripted curriculum, data, data, data- applying the business model to education. The corporate overlords want their minions to be compliant, obedient workers.

    I wonder about Gates' agenda. If Gates really cares about the children why doesn't he give money directly to the struggling public schools? How about some computers, supplies, or new playground equipment, or nutritional food, or clothing ??

  5. I was shocked that Obama did not dismantle NCLB but, rather, cloaked it in new terms as RTTT. I have wondered why; I think it's his persona as conciliator, or not wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater...even though the bathwater needs a serious changing. You are right, though, that corporate/money types have admins in their could be there is no way to be clear of them as long as politicians take their money for campaigning. Perhaps that's what needs to change, speaking of Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seems quite humanitarian...then again, it's all about vaccines (and I am not anti-vaccine, although I am a bit suspicious of Big Pharma). It's all twisted together in a nasty knot, all driven by money.