Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vasectomies Only in Life-Threatening Cases...Too Funny

The above article is about a daring, satirical move that is meant to shed light on the absurdity of inserting government into an individual's sex life (and reproductive freedom). 

It's a satirical ploy. But of course, many people do not understand satire. What a shame.

I believe this move by Rep. Neal is meant to cause a stir and force people to seriously evaluate who has a say in how and when pregnancy begins. Here is wishing her luck and strength and resilience in the face of the crazy catcalls that are already coming her way.

But the point is: if people are causing a fuss about this (for men), then why aren't people standing up for women in the same way?

Then, too, there is the common saying that if men could get pregnant, all birth control would be simple, readily available, and free. Imagine: women telling men that they can't get a's actually very funny.

And when does life truly begin? At conception? At the glint in a lover's eye? Or, as I heard on TV recently, at "last call?"

None of us know. So no one should have the right to impose a biased, personal belief on others. I don't impose my beliefs about reproduction on other people, and in the face of the Sanctimonious Santorums of the world, I would simply ask that everyone else do the same...back off.

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