Thursday, February 23, 2012

Very Pinteresting!

I only learned about Pinterest a few days ago.

It looks like an assortment of themed bulletin boards (get it? pins?).  Visually, I find it intriguing, and it has that homey, quilt-y feel to it, but the marketer in me says...from whence will the profit come?

No, the marketer in me did not really say that. The teacher in me did.

Ann Romney is all over Pinterest, or so I read in the news yesterday. Will I be on it? I don't know yet; it turns out that you have to be invited.

Well, I applied for an invitation. We shall see how it goes. I never could get excited about Tumblr...

I was, however, very intrigued to see that some teachers have added me to their Pinterest boards. My blog hits are already going way up. Thank you, ladies. Thank you for liking my blog and my ideas about teaching.

Thank you, especially, for being excited to read my book, TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. You made my day, seriously.

I am hoping TOO COOL will be on sale in the next 6 weeks or so. I will keep you posted, via Pretty Freaky, my blog.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth Collins


  1. Thank you so much. Will keep all posted. I have been swamped and publishing (as I well understand) always takes three times as long as we think it's going to...