Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is Lovelier Than Snow in Philly, or a Great Comeback Story?

Story originally on Good Morning America (abcnews); photo, courtesy Jerry Tomko

I was struck by the beauty of the above wedding photo--taken of Melinda Muniz, who is recovering after lifesaving leukemia treatment at Thomas Jefferson University hospital in Philadelphia, and her new husband, Christopher Jones. 

The photographer is Jerry Tomko, and the story, written by Susan Donaldson James, was found here:

There are so many feel-good facets to this story: the optimism of marrying despite illness (something similar, though not as extreme, happened to me); getting a gift from a fellow survivor (talented wedding photographer Tomko, who wanted to "give back" to Jefferson for saving his own life); and the pricelessness of capturing a sweet moment of beauty, peace, and triumph.

It reminds me of the famous Rocky on the Steps photo that I have on my blog somewhere. This is obviously intentional--but it's very effective, is it not? (The Rocky shot on Pretty Freaky gets many hits a day, usually from people in Russia). 

Anyway--best of luck to Melinda, Christopher, Jerry, and all survivors. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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