Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Great Interview with Maurice Sendak--Must Read!

I heard this old interview (transcribed in the article; click link, below) yesterday and it seriously blew my mind. I have seldom been as interested in or as inspired by any interview--and it's because of the amazing stories Maurice Sendak told, the real stories of his life.

I hope other people will find it similarly entrancing.

This is a Terry Gross/WHYY/ NPR "Fresh Air" interview with Maurice Sendak. The heart of the interview (best part) is from 1986.  

Sendak died yesterday, in case anyone was unaware. I think he was 83.

For background on Sendak's death:

Read or listen and remember Maurice Sendak. He speaks of a fascinating life and his stories are well told.

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  1. How wise you are to post this! I can't think of a better message to send my friends as this year ends and another begins. Thank you.