Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life Lessons from Elephants

Found via 1,000,000 Pictures. 
Photograph courtesy Martin Nyfeler

An elephant (top left frame) is suddenly attacked while drinking from river. A lurking crocodile bites her trunk and tries to drag her into the water. Notice that the elephant's baby is behind her, terrified--but the mom keeps baby back. 

The crocodile cannot be shaken off, so the elephant mom turns away from river and runs. Baby falls down (but was reportedly okay) and appears to be sitting on crocodile in last frame. No, it was just a scary moment. 

Both elephants are hurt, but survived and were later seen the same day when they returned to the river to drink.

Lessons: You never know when something evil is going to bite you. All you can do is refuse to allow yourself to be dragged down. Shake it off, and leave the monster(s) behind. Don't look back, but also don't be afraid to pick up where you left off. You might be hurt by crocodiles, but if your will is strong, you will recover.

Interesting that I wrote about a very similar situation in the forthcoming Too Cool...


  1. Can't wait to know the truth about the crocodiles!

  2. As Dostoyevsky (one of my favorite writers) said: "Nothing is easier to denounce than the evildoer" --and crocodile lurking in river certainly seems evil--but, D. added, "nothing is more difficult than to understand him."

    I am still trying to understand.