Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taking a Break While I Write a New Book

Thanks to everyone who continues to read and visit PRETTY FREAKY. I apologize for not posting much at all these past months, though I am glad to see that certain posts remain perennial favorites. I am not sure what to think about my consistent readership despite my not posting, but thank you!

In case you are wondering, I still teach--in fact, I teach more than ever. Teaching has kept me very busy these past few years. I am so busy teaching (college, high school, and tutoring) it can be hard to find time to write.

Besides that, though, the past year has been difficult because of an illness in my family, and that's the topic I am writing about now. I hate to use a pseudonym, but I likely will for privacy matters…anyway, I am working, bit by bit, on that project, which I expect will be a book. I don't think I will blog on this issue.

Also in the works are plans for online lessons. I will charge a dollar or a couple of dollars or something like that for my popular English/writing lessons. All those rockstar, millionaire tutors in Korea can't be wrong (hey, they told me to do this and charge $5, but we shall see).

More on that soon.