Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wide Reading + Frequent Writing= Literacy for Life

Worth a watch--Nancie Atwell wins $1 million for her teaching, and gives it right back to her school.


I try to do the same thing as Atwell does: let my students choose their reading (when school allows me to), and I also encourage frequent writing in the genres that appeal most to my students.

If we get it right, our kids can achieve amazing things, great quantities of work (reading, writing) even without official "assignments."

We should all be reading at least 50 books a year; we should all have impressive writing portfolios by year's end. Not because we have to, but rather, because we want to.

Some day, I hope to have my own school, as Ms. Atwell does. In the meantime, congratulations, and thank you, Ms. Atwell, for your good work!