Thursday, December 3, 2015

Teach your Class How to Stop a School Shooter

As a mom, I have been anxious (frequently) about having my kids attend school--as paranoid as that sounds--because all too often, there is a senseless, devastating school shooting.

As a teacher, I have experienced scary lock downs and "mad shooter on the loose" situations.  The rules say to lock the door and hide in the corner. But is that really what we should do? I never thought so, and now I know more.

School and workplace shootings do not just happen here, in the U.S. (although our absurd lack of effective gun laws--thanks, NRA! /sarcasm--certainly doesn't help). But this is not to say that America does not have a huge problem with mass shootings. Obviously, we do.

I hate that my children live in a time when this is a commonplace event.

The San Bernardino shooting yesterday is yet more proof of the need to ban assault weapons, if not all guns. Agree with me or not on that issue--but no one can disagree that there is a disturbing gun violence problem in the U.S.

Wherever or whenever a shooting happens, people ought to know what to do, or not do.

This excellent, short video by Israeli security expert Alon Stivi will teach you and your students so much.

It's not about being sitting ducks and passively cowering under desks. It's about fighting back, but quickly, effectively, and intelligently.

Take a look--and thank you to Men's Health editor, Eric Spitznagel, for running a great interview with Stivi that includes this clip.

Learn how to stop a shooter before he or she can hurt anyone in your classroom. It's really very easy, and practicing now will prevent tragedy later. No guns or martial arts required. 

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