Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Mick Fanning Survived a Shark Attack

shark attack Surfer Mick Fanninghttp://www.videoup.net/v/mgjlravk7-mick-fanning-shark-attack-j-bay-open-2015/

You call to whatever gods are out there.

You just say thanks. Thanks for me not dying.

Thanks for me living yet another day.

Mick Fanning Shark Attack Freak Story of
Survival. Did he punch the shark? He does
not know. He can’t remember. It’s a blur
caught on video. Hidden by a wave.

His mother, home, screaming at the TV,
trying to reach her son through the screen and
pull him close, into her breast again. Safe.
A grown son, 30 or so, about to
be eaten by a shark that seemed to know
what he was doing. Dragging the surfer,
Mick, by the leash around his ankle.

Dragging him under. Flipping him off his
pathetic white surfboard. “Fiberglass can’t
protect you, bitch!” the shark might have muttered.
The crowd on the beach is screaming but they
can’t see Mick. They don’t know if the shark won,
what Mick did, or if he’ll wash up later
or simply disappear under the blue-
green churning water With that great white shark--
not his friend, but his foe. Nemesis. Fate.

His challenge. His reminder that God may
exist and if so, God has saved surfer
Mick. Chosen him to complete a mission.
To tell the world he is blessed and lucky.
It’s a little of each, of both. Luck. Grace.

The love force is beneficent. Caring.
Like a mother. Not a man who believes
he controls his life, fully. There is some
control, but there is also surrender.

Let go and let god(s). Thy will shall be done.

They would not let Mick die. His guardian
angels came in many forms: in surfers,
in people, in rogue waves depositing
a boy, a man, safely away from the
shark that had nefarious intentions,
or hunger, or simply a drive to live--
like him, lucky Mick Fanning. Dazed, confused,
bewildered and kissed by fate and his mum
and the cheering crowds who sighed and prayed and
gasped in relief and exultation that
they did not see death today; they saw love.