Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Press Needs to Report the Truth About Republican Ruthlessness

The press is coming out full force against Trump now, and that's amazing to see. But why couldn't the MSM have dared to call Trump out on his egregious lies several months ago, even years ago, when the lies began?

Why did the media run so many annoying fake-news Benghazi accusations and tiresome "Hillary's missing e-mail" stories without even trying to refute the accusations or disprove them?

I read a piece yesterday about the remorse a major newspaper editor now feels for not daring to let reporters write, "These are lies," about the Republicans', and Trump's, accusations about Hillary.

Why was the editor afraid to let his reporters call BS? Because the papers never want to be accused of political bias.

A few weeks ago, when The New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton, many people wrote angry comments that read--no joke--"How can a newspaper endorse a presidential candidate? That's terrible; that's biased, you liberal scum!"

Never mind that newspapers have endorsed candidates since forever; we have to be so careful with delicate neocon minds. They get offended if we call it like it is, like it's been for years now: a morass of insults and baseless lies, the deliberate demonization of Democrats.

Someone has to speak up and try to stop the Con-sponsored madness. Apparently, that "someone" is not the media.

WHY, I have to wonder, did Hillary just sit on her stool at the last debate and let Trump threaten her with jail? Was there another option? Could she have put a stop to it, or is this just a no-win situation for women, for Democrats?

How many times have Republicans walked around company parking lots, making note of cars with Democratic bumper stickers and demanding that those flaming liberals be fired? Too many times to count (this actually happened to me).

I even had my front lawn set on fire in 2004 because I had a sign for Kerry. I have no signs on my lawn anymore.

If Karma is really a thing, as I hope it is, then I hope that Trump supporters get a taste of it soon. Fire any idiot who has a Trump sticker, perhaps. It would only be fair to see it come back around.

Much is coming out now about abuse and bullies and gaslighting because of Trump. It's like people suddenly woke up and realized, "This is real--political harassment is real. And we can talk about it."

At any rate, I hope we are now witnessing the end of the savage right wing.

P.S.  It's sick how this entire situation with Hillary is a foregone conclusion, after the way she was able to suppress Bernie Sanders, but no one talks about the truly scary machine behind George W. Bush, ensuring his unjust election. During the hanging chad debacle, Republicans were protesting outside the VP's mansion, screaming "get out of Cheney's house." Barbara Walters thought it would be in poor taste to actually report that, after Gore's kids told her the story. 

And during the RNC in NYC (2004), anyone walking near the convention was thrown into an open air prison for days. Random people walking home from work were locked up in "Guantanamo on the Hudson." Not a word about this on the news. Why?? 

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