Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Surreal Nightmare of Donald Trump's plans for the presidency

We are living in a state of surreality here in the USA. Down is Up. Moving Backward is Moving Forward.

Absurdity is the new Normal.

How? Why?

Well. The nominees our President-Elect, Trump, has named for prime Cabinet positions are all avowed detractors of the very departments that Trump has asked them to head.

Financiers, billionaires, former generals, super rich people Trump owes a favor to: these people will lead America right into the very swamp Trump vowed to drain.

At first, I assumed Trump was just an idiot being played by extreme right-wing "advisors." Then, I realized that Trump must be specifically picking the worst possible candidates he can, as a way to hasten the decline of America.

After all, Trump crowed (on the record) years ago that complete destruction of the U.S. economy and culture was the only way to start fresh and "make America great again." Which means: revert to 1950s America when men ruled everything, when no one was transgender, when women stayed in the kitchen and had a million babies.

Don't believe me?

The Department of Education secretary wants to see public education dismantled, and has said so publicly many times.

Education under DeVos will be laughable (and decimated). This nominee is a woman who has absolutely no experience in education; she's just rich. If she gets this important post, watch out! Poor kids will have even shittier schools, and "affordable college" ain't never gonna happen.

The Department of Energy may have a secretary--Rick Perry, a goofy but affable dude, definitely not the sharpest crayon in the box--who publicly vowed to eliminate this department (though, to be fair, he couldn't even remember its name).

For our nation's financial future, who better to lead than the Villains of Wall Street? You know, the SAME callous con artists from Goldman Sachs who engineered the Great Recession and the foreclosure crisis? The exact same white-collar criminals Trump himself derided during his tacky rallies? Those same guys.

Ironic, isn't it? (Or, predictable.)

If Jeff Sessions is named Attorney General, watch how many new civil rights the man destroys.  Marijuana? "That's not something good people do," Sessions once said. Buckle your seat belts: everyone will be targeted (and not protected) under Sessions, who hates gays, blacks, women, etc.

And what of our potential new Secretary of State? Every day, it's a novel nightmare.

Pick the flat-out most inappropriate candidate for SoS, and I'll bet you (and I'll win) that Trump has already floated that person's name.

Jeff Bolton--former Ambassador to the U.N. ? (he was asked to leave because he's such a combative a-hole and is in no way diplomatic); Ben Carson (what??); Rudy Guiliani? (ugh) Now Rex Tillerson? (puppet of Russia).

Can it get any worse? Not really.

Trump is also threatening climate change scientists. He wants their names. He will take away their funding.Trump has promised to back out of the Paris talks.

In a year when polar ice has melted at twice the rate scientists expected, climate-change denier Trump wants to make it worse by gutting the E.P.A., and by supporting more fracking (aka raping) of our land while taking away clean air and clean water safeguards.

After all (to a Republican), regulations stifle business! And we can't have that. Money is all that matters--not people. Not life! And certainly not the future we will leave to our children--sucks for them, but as long as the top 1%  and old white men continue to hold 80% of the world's wealth, we're good, the Cons say.

I heard on NPR today, however, that much of the bluster Trump is blowing can't even be done, and actually, deregulation (after regulation) is very confusing for businesses that have already adjusted to the regs. So...Trump's plans will be more annoying than the regulations were.

What else does Trump want to de-fund? He hates the Arts...and promises to slash arts funding. The man who called Hamilton "overrated"--yet saw Evita six times, because the story of a dictator is right up his alley--doesn't read or care for theatre. But reality television? Why, of course that will be safe!

It would not surprise me in the slightest if Trump allowed cameras into the White House to film his every move for a future show.

I have been despondent over Trump's election, though I had moments of "maybe it won't be so bad..." Those moments have ended. But I'm not hopeless.

As one of my FB friends said today, "We aren't mustangs trapped in a box canyon." We can RESIST.

There is a way out; there is hope--raise your voice and be heard. Protest Trump. We can NOT allow a potentially traitorous, surely dangerous would-be dictator to assume the presidency and undo all the progress of past decades.

 #Resist. #ResistTrump.

Tell Congress that we, the people, demand it do the right thing.

Keep Trump away from power, or else we are surely doomed.